WhatsApp business app:-How to download and use WhatsApp business


WhatsApp business app How to download and use WhatsApp business

finally the all new WhatsApp business is launched. WhatsApp business is a new app from Facebook company. the app designed to help businesses communicate with their customers. many small business owner use Facebook business app to reach their customers. WhatsApp starting generating revenue with this app . the app also available at third-party website and separately , a Google play Link . here we talking about WhatsApp business App  features , How to download and use WhatsApp business app in this article.

How to use WhatsApp business app

WhatsApp business will allow businesses to have access to analytics, giving themba comprehensive lookat how often their customers interect with them and how popular are their texts. Users also manage their business account and personal account. WhatsApp said the app is under testing and launch on play store soon. the green tick will be shown next to the contacts name to show that WhatsApp has verified that the stated phone number belongs to that business account.

How to Manage your Personal and Business Accounts

The WhatsApp business provide option to easliy migrate their business number to WhatsApp business. you can install WhatsApp business in three options. check-out all three options which you use for manage your personal WhatsApp account for businesses.

Choose the option that works best for you.

1. One phone and one app: 

Migrate your current business number to WhatsApp Business.This option makes the most sense if You currently only use WhatsApp for business and do not intend to use WhatsApp or the associated phone number for personal conversations moving forward.

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2. One phone and two apps

Register a different mobile number for WhatsApp Business. Download both WhatsApp Business and your personal WhatsApp on the same phone, but the two accounts will have different numbers.

This option makes the most sense if You primarily use one device for business,but still want to have access to your personal WhatsApp during working hours.

3. One phone and two apps: 

Register a landline number for WhatsApp Business.Download both WhatsApp Business and your personal WhatsApp on the same phone, but the two accounts will have different numbers.

This option makes the most sense if: You have a personal phone and WhatsApp account and a landline for your business, but wish to accept messaging at that number moving forward.

4. Two phones

One phone for business useand one phone for personal use.

This option makes the most sense if You like to keep your personal and work phones and accounts completely separate.

                                                              WhatsApp business app features – 

The App is totally design for businesses. its come with best tools for businesses and customers so check-out all Features of WhatsApp business below


WhatsApp business App features and Download link

The app is come with best feature for your business include migration, the creation of a Business Profile, Auto Responses and Analytics. The app will ask you the ‘Business Description’, ‘Website’, ‘Address’, and other things.

1. Create Business with this feature you can create your business support on WhatsApp account. use this account with your client’s and customers . you can easliy manage some big stuffs on this WhatsApp business .

2. Auto Response if your a business owner and you have WhatsApp user customers then this feature really help you. create your business group with customers and feature automatically Response for your daily updates easliy .

3. All Satatics & Analytics  – you can easliy manage your business report with this business app and see your Business Analytics report.

4. Communicate with this business app you can easliy communicate and touch with your customers and accept feedback from your business client’s then you can manage your business report .

How to download WhatsApp business App 

WhatsApp business app Features

The app is currently available in beta process . you can’t download this app . if the app available on play store you simply download from this below Link

      Download WhatsApp business app 

Currently the WhatsApp business app is not available at play store. the App is  under beta process  & you need to have a invite to get the download link . here we tell you how you can get WhatsApp business app download like with invite follow below steps.

How to Become a Tester for WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp business app is really helpful app for Small and Large business owner. with this business app you can directly connect with your customers using your business profile.

Currently WhatsApp sending only beta testing Link for WhatsApp business account . to get WhatsApp business app download Link follow the below steps

1. first of all visit official website – CLICK HERE 

2. Now Just Click On “OK” And Start Filling The Survey

3. Now Start Giving The Answers Of Following Questions :

-What is your name (First and Last)?

-What is the best email address where we can reach you?

-What country is your business located in?

-What is the name of your business?

download WhatsApp business app

-Which of the following best describes your business’ category?

-Are you interested in testing WhatsApp Business app or the Enterprise solution?

-What type of phone do you have?

-If you have an Android phone, what is the email address linked to the Google Play store on your primary phone?

-What is the phone number associated with the WhatsApp account you use for your business today?

4. after fill all the answer the survey is complete

5. You Are Successfully Enrolled Into Whatsapp Business App.

Whatsapp For Business is Currently in For Only Beta Testers & You Have to Apply For it To Download The Whatsapp For Business App .To Download Whatsapp For Business App , Just Fill Out The Survey on Link Given Above

If You Are Eligible Then Whatsapp Will Send You The Beta Testing Link Of Whatsapp For Business . after fill survey You Are Successfully Became The Whatsapp Business app Beta Tester.

Thanks for read this article we update everything about WhatsApp business App , How to download WhatsApp business app, Features of WhatsApp business app in this post . if you have any question then write a comment below we really in 2 hours* . Keep visiting 😊😊



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